Embangweni update

26th January 2021

Embangweni School for the Deaf Children

To: Ipswich Road’ URC

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Monire mu zina la Fumu yithu Yesu Khristu

Embangweni School for the Deaf and all the whole community of CCAP Synod of Livingstonia appreciate wholeheartedly your timely assistance you render to us. Now, we have maize which we procured because of your assistance to the school. We appreciate your generosity very much because you assist us at the very right time Thank you -Yewo chomene) It is not only maize but we also purchased other food items for the boarding, like beans with the money.

The school has:

    Boys Girls Total
    Pre-School   1, 2 and 3 25 18 43
    Primary        1 to 9 74 5 127
    Vocational Learners 8 5 13
    Total 107 76 183


  1. STAFFING:Teaching Staff
Male Female Total
Specialist teachers 4 2 6
Regular teachers. 2 4 6
Part time specialist teacher 1 0 1
Total 6 13


  • Experimental gardens for maize and vegetables. A 8 hectares of land which has been cultivated for the growing of maize as main staple food only and soya for porridge. These demonstration gardens offer an opportunity for learners to practice crop growing and management.
  • 2 oxen and an ox-cart which assist to transport maize to the maize mill and also carry some items from the trading centre. It also assists carrying produce from the garden.
  • Poultry and pigs enable learners to practice on animal husbandry and later use at their homes.
  • Vocational training Centre which imparts skills and knowledge in carpentry and tailoring. Since our vision is to ‘educate a deaf child for a positive and self reliant future’.
  • Reafforestation Programme – we have embarked on reaforestation programme where we are replacing trees for domestic uses at our school. Last year we planted some trees and we have planned to plant more than 500 seedlings this season for school use.


  • School results have been improving from the good to better.
Year Pass rate %
2018 13 selection  to Secondary school
2019 51 selection  to Secondary school
20120 100 selection  to Secondary school
  • Some of the learners are doing much well even after here. M. B. a student from here performed excellent work at Mzimba Secondary School. Among the subjects whom he made a distinction is Mathematics and Physical Science. Now he is waiting for university selection. F. S.completed her college at Montifort College.
  • Sports and recreations. Learners at free times play different games like football netball and volleyball.
  • COVID 19 Pandemic. The school has been affected in many ways like change of school academic year. As of now no learner has been found, but all measures are followed i.e. washing hands regularly with soap, no hand shaking hand and physical distancing.

Convey our message of appreciation to every member who takes part directly or indirectly in assisting our school.

Attached are some of some of the school  and farming photos

May the Good Lord Almighty bless everyone.

With love from,

Jolia Mahemane

Deputy Headteacher






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