T.W.A.M – Tools With a Mission

Cause for the month for June

TWAM (Tools with a Mission)

“Tools with a Mission is a Christian charity enabling people to earn a living and support themselves and their families. In many countries people have few skills, little education and no means of earning a living. A switch from aid dependency to self-sufficiency is impossible without help. TWAM started over thirty years ago and has since provided this help by collecting and refurbishing tools and equipment no longer required in the UK and sending them overseas. Through collectors and centres across the UK, our team of dedicated volunteers and supporters help transform thousands of lives every year” (July TWAM newsletter).

A visit in person to the centre at Ipswich last year  astounded us with the number of tools collected, refurbished and sent to countries in need. It is difficult to convey the importance of this charity and the needs which they supply. Checking their website to see what was happening during these difficult times there is a link to an online TWAM day which says everything! It takes you on a video tour of the base in Ipswich, you hear from one of the organisers in the UK and some of the recipients abroad. If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, have a watch, it’s worth it!


How can we help?

TWAM operates seven refurbishment centres across the UK and sends out over 20 containers of tools a year. They keep their costs very low but still need a lot of financial support on order to pay for the warehouses, the collection vans and shipping etc. They value all gifts whether one off or regular.

Last year they sent 17 containers to 5 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa – working in close partnership with local grassroots organisations including Uganda, DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Usually at this time of year, we also ask for donations of old tools-of any sort, sewing materials and accessories etc (for the full list of what they can and cannot accept, click here

If you have anything of use, please can you hold on to it until things become a little easier and we will then sort out collection

Prayer support

TWAM also depends on prayer.

Please contact TWAM direct if you would like to receive regular mailings by post or email: https://www.twam.uk/new

(Source of information: TWAM website https://www.twam.uk/ where you can find out much more about this worthy cause.