Sunday F.A.Q.

How do I get there? Coming from the City Centre on Ipswich Road, turn right down Lyhart Road (just after the Shell Garage and crossing) then immediately right again.  The church is a few metres ahead on your left.  There is a car park in front but if this is full make sure you don’t park on the grass verge and be aware of parking restrictions.

The 37 bus stops just the other side of the hedge and goes straight to the city centre.

What happens when I get there? You will be welcomed at the door and are welcome to sit where you like in the Sanctuary

What do I wear? Whatever you feel comfortable in.

How long is the service? It usually lasts about an hour (possibly more when it includes communion)

How do I know what to sing? The words to the hymns and worship songs (the songs we sing) are all on the screen-please ask when you come in if you cannot read from a screen as we do have some books and large print copies of the words available. We usually stand to sing hymns, but if you wish to stay seated-please do. The person leading worship will announce each hymn. We sing a mixture of modern and traditional worship songs and hymns.

What does it mean when someone says “Let us pray”? This is our time to talk to God, to praise Him, to say sorry for things we have done wrong, say thank you and also ask for His help. Prayers are usually spoken  by someone from the front and we hear them (seated). Sometimes we will be asked to say something  after each section-and will be told what to say. We join in when we hear the first words. Sometimes we will be asked to write prayers on paper and bring them forward for blessing, sometimes encouraged to pray out loud –but you don’t HAVE to do either of those things.

If I would like people to pray for me, for someone I know or for a situation – what do I do? Theres’ a choice: There’s a tree with cards on placed on the shelf as you come into the building. Take a card and write the name of the person for whom you are requesting prayer (you need their permission first if possible) then place the card in the nearby box. Your request will be included in the service. You can also can ask one of the welcomers, the worship leader or church secretary to arrange for someone to pray with you. To find out about other prayer opportunities in the church, click here.

What is the Lord’s Prayer? We say this in every  service –this is the prayer which Jesus taught his disciples when teaching them how to pray. We may use the traditional or a modern form and it should be displayed on the screen so that the congregation can say it along with the worship leader.

What does it mean when someone says we will now take the offertory? Each service provides an opportunity for people to give a financial gift to the church. which is normally collected by our young people who come round with some collection bags.  Please do not feel you have to do so. You may see some people put small envelopes in-that is called our “free will offering  scheme”. Those signed up for it have promised to give so much a week each week.  Some people will let the plate pass by-they may be giving a sum direct from their bank account.

Sometimes the notices say the service includes holy  communion what does that mean? This is when we remember the Last Supper  Jesus had with his disciples and why Jesus died for us.Some people  (Elders) will go up to support the preacher during the hymn before the communion. The preacher will continue with the service, then the Elders will hand out the bread and wine (which is non alcoholic). When everyone is served, we will be invited to partake. Everyone who loves the Lord is invited to communion, but if you don’t feel comfortable, please let the bread and wine pass you by.

What is the Communion Offering? When we celebrate communion, we have a special offering that week for the Cause for the month (click here). There is a basket for this offertory by the door as you leave.

What type of music? We have a number of different musicians who accompany our singing on the Clavinova. If we have no musician, we pre record on to the Clavinova or else may use on line versions. Occasionally we have other instruments joining in as well.

Is there a loop system? Yes- have a loop system for those who find it difficult to hear in the Sanctuary through the normal sound system

What happens after the Service?   Tea, Coffee and biscuits are served after each morning service in the Blake Room-turn right out of the Sanctuary.  We serve a wide selection including decaffeinated tea and coffee or fruit teas at any church run function or service where there are refreshments-or if you would rather have squash or water, please ask. Sweeteners are also available.