Christian Aid

Christian Aid week is 10th-16th May this year. For the second year running we are unable to do our usual house to house collection locally, this usually raises around £1400. Sometimes we have a special lunch or a quiz which adds another £2-300. No doubt this pattern is replicated all over the country which means that Christian Aid will be very short of money to carry out the wonderful work they do all over the world.  


This year they are highlighting the problems of people in Kenya. The climate crisis has resulted in extreme weather conditions with long periods of drought. In recent years the lack of rain has been so bad that it has caused a hunger crisis. The threat of coronavirus has made the irregularity of rainfall more critical for rural communities. Christian Aid and its local partner are helping vulnerable communities to adapt and become more resilient to prolonged droughts and poor rains caused by the changing climate. 

Christian Aid is our cause for the month for May, and I would ask you to give as generously as you are able. I have saved money this year on petrol, new clothes and tickets to concerts and the theatre, so I feel I can give a larger sum than usual. I hope that you might feel moved to do the same. 

Please help if you are able, 

Christian Aid week runs from

10th-16th May 2021

You can support it even though there are no house to house collections or special events

visit the Christian aid website here

On this site you will find links to some good videos which tell more of the work of Christian Aid.

For example,there is one about Florence which you can find here

Or go to the Christian Aid You tube channel : thisischristianaid  for a number of helpful videos

Coronavirus impacts on all of us, but love unites us all. 


“Loving God, strengthen our innermost being with your love that bears all things even the weight of this global pandemic even the long haul of watching for symptoms of patiently waiting for this to pass watching and waiting, keeping our gaze fixed on you, and looking out for our neighbours near and far. Instil in our shaken souls the belief and hope that all things are possible with your creative love for strangers to become friends for science to source solutions for resources to be generously shared so everyone, everywhere, may have what they need for your perfect love that knows no borders may cast out any fear and selfishness that divides. May your love that never ends be our comfort, strength and guide for the wellbeing of all and the glory of God. Amen.” 

Go to our Prayer page for more prayers from Christian Aid