Cause for the Month

Each month the church supports a different cause, local, national or international chosen by the members.  There are nine causes we support annually and three slots each year open to suggestions.  There is a display about the cause in the coffee bar along with a donation box and gift aid envelopes.  The communion offering for the month goes to the nominated cause.

We also support  St.Martins Housing Trust and Umbrella Housing Association through gifts at Christmas.

This Month’s Cause is…

January 20 SMILE
February 20 Embangweni
March 20 EACH  
April 20 Big C
May 20 Christian Aid
June 20 Alzheimer’s Research
July 20 Good Work  
August 20 Open Christmas 
September 20 T.W.A.M
October 20 Commitment for Life
November 20 John Aves Educational Project
December 20 St. Martin’s Housing Trust


To find out more about some of the causes we support click on its name.