Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life

The Cause for the Month in October is our regular ‘Commitment  For Life’ offering.  Until 1992, this was called  the ‘1% Appeal’ which asked local congregations to give a penny in the pound towards development work.


What is Commitment for Life?

CfL is the United Reformed Church’s global justice programme. The scheme enables local congregations to pray, advocate and take action for the most vulnerable people. By linking with the poorest regions, you can make a real difference.Participating churches are encouraged to take action, pray and give for people across the world but especially in our four partner countries/region of Bangladesh, Central America(Honduras, Guatemala. Nicaragua and El Salvador, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and Zimbabwe. We work in partnership with Christian Aid and The World Development Movement raising over half a million pounds a year from contributing churches.” (URC website)

Money donated to Commitment for life is shared equally between the 4 partner areas. However, each URC church is linked through Christian Aid to one of the partner regions listed above, with the aim that each individual URC takes an interest in that area.

Here at Ipswich Road, we are linked to Zimbabwe

“Zimbabwe Political instability is an ongoing concern in Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans face socio-economic crises and every year. Millions rely on food aid. Drought, floods and erratic rainfall patterns are costly. Ruined infrastructure and a broken economy means many cannot grow enough food. Church partners focus on food security, nutrition, HIV, health and gender equality.”


Read below  the information relating to the October 2020 cause for the month 

Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life is Ipswich Road’s October Cause for the Month. It encourages all United Reformed and Local Ecumenical Partnership churches to take action, pray and give for people living in poverty across the world.

75% of all income raised goes to Christian Aid to be divided equally between the partner countries, and 5% to Global Justice Now. The remaining 20% is spent on education, resources and administration. They support projects in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Central-America and the occupied Palestinian territory. Ipswich Road focuses its thoughts on Zimbabwe.

Kevin Snyman Commitment for Life’s Programme Officer for Global Justice and Partnerships opens the 2020/21 Commitment for Life Update with the words

‘What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?’ (Micah 6:8)

Greetings to all of you who so faithfully support Commitment for Life through your prayers and actions. Your concern, love and care for the people living in extreme poverty is deeply appreciated. During this time of coronavirus, love compels us to stand alongside our sisters and brothers living in poverty.”

Christian Aid responds to the coronavirus pandemic in Zimbabwe.

Over the last few months, many people have struggled in Zimbabwe, as hyperinflation and cash shortages have left citizens without adequate resources during the winter months. Erratic rains across the farming season have also added to rising food insecurity. The global coronavirus pandemic has hit the people of this country when they are most vulnerable, and when the health delivery system is at its weakest.

Christian Aid has been using crisis funds from a resilience project to tailor-make public health communication materials to support and protect people during the emerging coronavirus pandemic. This project has helped local health authorities to share vital information, in addition to general hygiene information, well ahead of the outbreak of the disease in Zimbabwe.

Commitment for Life’s ongoing work in Zimbabwe

Commitment for life supports Christian Aid’s phenomenal work in Zimbabwe, which includes implementing the Resilience Framework. This framework focusses on climate-resilient agriculture and natural resource management, in addition to the sustainable management of land, water, soils, forests, agriculture and agro-pastoralism that reduces poverty and hunger in the face of climate change.

Solar drying in Mudzi

The Christian Aid BRACT (Building Resilience through improving the Absorptive and Adaptive Capacities for Transformation) project, operating in Mudzi district, is supporting farmers across the region to adapt to the changing climate. Some of the interventions include the use of solar dryers.

Abigail Chimimba has been learning to use a solar dryer to dry her fruit and vegetables under the sun. The use of the solar dryer at her local seed bank helps farmers to produce more food and support their families.

The Commitment for Life Prayer Partner contribution for October is contributed by John Proctor


for the dry and thirsty you give living water,

to those drained and empty you come with your fullness,

among people discouraged and despairing, you offer gentle love,

in places of defeat and distress, you speak of hope.

So we pray for our world:

where the ground is dry, we ask for clouds and rain,

in lives that are drained, will you refresh and restore,

for desperate hearts, we seek the gift of new belief,

in distress, come, Lord Jesus, to sow seeds of promise.

And we ask to be agents of your love,

sharing material help and personal care,

offering respect and understanding,

working in hope as partners and friends,

for the sake of your good news. Amen

John Proctor


If you would like to find out more about Commitment for Life, please go to the Commitment for Life website page, from which the general information above is extracted.