Open Christmas offers a free meal and festive entertainment for anyone who is homeless or lonely during the festive period.  It helped over 500 people last time, in St Norwich Open Christmas provides a special Christmas day in St Andrews Hall for anyone who is homeless or alone on Christmas Day.

A full day’s care, food and entertainment is given by a huge number of volunteers and all is possible only by the generosity of people and businesses giving money, food, transport and help on the day, as well as in all the preparations.

The hall is open for the guests from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is drink and biscuits in the morning, a traditional Christmas lunch, entertainment, bingo and quizzes. Tea with cake and mince pies at the end of the day. Above all there is company and caring.

A food parcel is given to anyone who needs it and clothing items similarly, especially for the homeless.

We at Ipswich Road URC have supported this very special charity for several years now and our money is part of the crucial support needed to make this great event possible. While we enjoy our family occasions on the day we can know that we have given help to those in our city who are not so fortunate as us. Last year about 500 people were cared for in this way.

To find out more go to their website