IMG_8309Here at Ipswich Road we have tried to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Examples of things we have done :

  • Installed air conditioning units to give heat, thus doing away with many electric heaters. This cut our electricity consumption by about 50% so also cut our CO2 output.
  • Installed PV (solar) panels’ which also helped cut our electricity use and helped the country cut its CO2 output.
  • Had all cavity walls insulated which again reduced our heating need.
  • Installed double glazed UPVC windows and fire doors throughout the premises, which helps keep the heating bill down, eliminates the need for repainting which in turn results in savings to the environment by not needing paint to be produced to maintain the old wooden windows.
  • Heating is on timers so it  cannot be left on accidentally.
  • We also save rain water for use in the garden and make full use of the council’s recycling, garden waste and food waste services.
  • We support Third World countries affected by climate change through our ’cause for the month’ programme.