What to expect on Sundays

Sadly, life is very different from our usual Sunday. Below we have left in the details of the “normal” Sundays, but this is what is happening in the building during the “new normal.”

We also continue to offer services online here and Messy Church at home here

Unfortunately we need to start with 2 requests:

  • Firstly, if you are feeling unwell or think you may have the symptoms of Covid 19, please stay at home.
  • Secondly, If you are isolating, as advised by the government or a health professional, please stay at home.

Although we would never normally turn anyone away from worship, in these two instances, we have no choice but to do so for the safety of others and to stop the spread

Sundays 9.45 am, unfortunately at the moment there is no Junior Church, but children and young people are welcome to attend the main service and there are no evening services.

We meet for worship with a very different feel to the building and the ways in which we can use it. There is also a different feel to the worship as we are also recording it for those unable to attend in person.

So what is it like when coming to the building for worship?

You must wear a mask when in the building unless you are exempt. Click here for Govt guidance on facemasks as at 10.08.20

You will need to wait at a social distance to enter

You will be greeted by a steward (wearing a face shield ) who will direct you to the hand sanitiser units for use as you enter and take your name and contact details. Unfortunately, they cannot shake your hand or give you a hug.

There are 2 or 3 other stewards on duty-one in the entrance lobby, and one or two in the Sanctuary who will usher you to a seat and take any prayer requests. In the Sanctuary you will find that:

  • the windows and possibly doors are open for ventilation-so bring a coat if the weather is chilly
  • for reasons of ventilation, we also cannot shut the blinds or curtains to enable the screens to be seen more clearly
  • the blue chairs have been changed for the orange ones-so that they can be wiped down easily.
  • the seating is socially distanced at 2 metres apart(see picture on the right)
  • there are only seats for up to 28 people. All are arranged in pairs, but each pair of chairs will either seat 2 people from the same family or one person plus a note to say that the other chair is out of use. If chairs do need moving, only the stewards can do so.
  • there is a “one-way system” through the Sanctuary. Entrance is in the usual way, but exit is through the fire door.(This may change on the day in inclement weather!)
  • There will also be a sanitiser unit at the exit
  • you will be asked to fill up seats from the cross end and sorry, you can’t move around and chat to people in the Sanctuary
  • at the end of worship please leave from the front through the fire door and don’t remain in the building for a chat.
  • to save having to clean the whole building after each service, you will only be allowed to access the Sanctuary and toilets-where there will also be special precautions in place.
  • we have had to remove any pieces of paper, books etc which one person may pick up and then leave, thus potentially transferring the virus, so all Bibles, leaflets etc have been cleared away and a blind installed in front of the hymn books.
  • There is more technological equipment than usual as it is important that we provide online worship as well as physical worship

If more people attend than we have seats for in the Sanctuary socially distanced, there is further seating for 18 in the North Room and the service will be transmitted there definitely via audio and possibly via video in the future-the 4th steward will be in the North Room. You will need to enter the North Room via the creche and leave via the fire door .(See picture on the left)

What is worship like?

The format is similar to usual, but services are slightly shorter,-with opening verses, readings, reflections and prayers. Some hymns will be played for reflection with the words on screens, but unfortunately we cannot join in singing. Currently communion will only be through the online worship.

John Potter our minister will be preaching for the majority of the time, but once a month he will be at Wymondham URC. If he is not available to preach, there will still be a service at Ipswich Road, either led by a lay preacher, an Elder or we will transmit a Zoom service from another church. Full details will be on the preaching plan 

We have a weekly offertory for the work of the church or good causes. Bags can no longer be taken round, so there are baskets as you enter and leave.

As we cannot lend you a Bible for the service, if you wish to follow readings, you will need to bring your own.

But you can also worship with us online each week. Go to the Current NAURC Worship  page for weekly details

Below is worship pre Coronavirus-to give you a flavour of some of the things we hope to redo in the future

Sunday 9:45 am
(includes Junior Church)IMG_7496 (640x427)

We begin with a short time of praise, followed by an all age slot including a reading, short talk and prayer. The children head for their own groups where they explore their faith in an interactive way.  The adults stay in the sanctuary for the rest of the service which includes Bible readings, prayers, hymns and a talk (the sermon). Coffee and tea are served after the service, and many people stay for a chat.

Junior Church meets every Sunday morning in the north room as part of the morning worship.  We start each session with prayer and then continue with a variety of activities and discussion that all help us to discover more of what it is to be a follower of Jesus.

Sunday 6:15 pm evening service

The evening services vary between the following

  •  ‘Fresh Ground’ – a service based around tables in a cafe-style with fresh coffee, biscuits and a discussion around a controversial topic in the life of faith.
  • Holy Communion, with readings, prayers and sermon.
  • ‘Open the Word’ – a Bible study and discussion with prayer and worship.
  •  A Reflective Service, with readings, prayers and times for quiet reflection.

Details of who is preaching and when can be found here

More details about Sunday Services can be found in our F.A.Q section.