All of our rooms except the creche are now available for booking. We are also unable to allow groups to meet in the Coffee Bar area as there is limited ventilation there. We have added some Coronavirus risk assessment requirements to our booking contract.

To enquire about details or availability, please contact Peter Matchett

All rooms are rented at around £10:30 per hour except for the crèche which is £6.95 per hour

Rooms and grounds are accessible to wheelchair users, we have a disabled toilet and a loop system is available in the Sanctuary and Blake Room

North Room

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Blake Room

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Kitchen & Coffee bar

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All times are to include time required to set up and clear away after the meeting/event.
The Sanctuary is only rented occasionally and would not be used for club meetings of any description other than on rare occasions.
The kitchen facilities are shared by all users in the building. On very rare occasions it might be possible to arrange exclusive use but this would involve an extra charge.