Miracles of Jesus – Water into Wine


Dear God,

Thank you that you are with us wherever we are, we don’t have to go to church to be near you.

Please help us to learn from you today.



Lets start with a game – you will need something to write with and something to write on.  You can work together as a team or in pairs or on your own.  Just make sure one person in each team can write.

Here are some pictures of signs open for signs game

Do you know what each of the signs mean?

Have a go at guessing, each person/team write down what they think the meaning of each sign is and see who can get the most right.

Here are the answers

Why do you think we have signs?

Signs usually warn, show, inform, direct or point the way to something.

Today we will be looking at the first miraculous sign that Jesus did.


Here is a video of the story.  You can find it here in the Bible.


Think about



Here is a song to help you remember that God will Supply us with all we need.  We just need to ask him.


Wear your fancy clothes for a meal together, celebrate everything that God does for us by talking about the things God provides as you eat.

Design a fancy outfit that you would like to wear to a wedding

Design your own road sign that depicts Jesus turning water into wine.

Make a cup from some things you have around the house.  Old tinfoil from easter eggs can create some great goblets.

Post any photos of your Messy Church at home on our Facebook Group.