Miracles of Jesus – Healing a paralysed man


For todays session you will need a large sheet or something similar that you don’t mind being trodden on, some paper large enough for you to draw round a person or small paper and dolls to draw round, colouring pencils and pens.



Thank you for our family.  Help us to be loving and kind to each other.

Help us today to learn from you today as we take part in Messy Church.



For this game you need a bed sheet (flat, not fitted)/duvet cover/ towel/ tablecloth/ blanket that you don’t mind being trodden on.  It needs to be large enough for your whole family to stand on.


Can you fit everybody on the sheet?  Is it easy? Now try folding it in half.  Is it still easy?  Fold it in half again.  How many times can you fold the sheet and still fit your whole family on?




On large paper draw around one of your family members.  If you don’t have large paper you could stick small bits together.


Each person has a piece of paper and draw around a doll or action figure.


Think about your friends and why they are important to you.   Write some qualities of a good friend on your outline of a person.

Who would you like to pray for this week?  It could be for lots of different reasons, they may be sick, they may be lonely or you may just miss them.

Write their names on your outline and ask God to give them what they need this week

You might want to pray for yourself as well, to ask Jesus to give you what you need this week.

Decorate your outline and out it somewhere you can see so you remember to pray for people this week and how we can be good friends.


Jesus You’re My Superhero.



Use things you have around the house to weave a mat.  Could be from paper, delivered leaflets, scraps of material, worn out clothes, wool.  Can you make a mat for one of your toys and practice lowering them on it.


Friendship bracelets 

easy way here


Obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course using cushions chairs and other things from around the house.  Work together to carry a teddy/doll round the course on a blanket.  Think about how the four friends carried the man up onto the roof, he would have been much heavier than a teddy!


Re-tell the story

If you have Lego/Duplo or similar can you build a house with a flat roof and recreate the story.

A printable craft to tell the story here



Watch Toy story and talk about how the characters learnt about being a good friend and how Woody was forgiven for not being a good friend.