September Messy Church

Everything Worships God

The theme for this months messy church was how all of creation sings Gods praise.  We started with different activities which included:

  • Making suncatchers to decorate the mobile in the sanctuary.  We made fish and birds so we could think about how everything in Gods creation is unique and what it means to be unique.
  • Thinking about how God had the whole world in his hands and what that means.  We drew round our hands and cut them out to stick on a world.
  • There were brightly coloured pictures of animals hidden around the building, we had plain sheets with the animals on and had to find all the coloured ones and colour them the same colours as the hidden ones.  We thought about how creative God is to have made all the different animals.
  • Our food activity was making sandwiches with cut outs of moons and stars which helped us to remember about how big the universe is and that God made it all.
  • We used fidget spinners to create a wheel of praise.  An arrow was attached to the spinner which landed on a different body part on the wheel.  We thought about different ways we can worship God with our eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet and mind.
  • We had some clay to make the name of God with, we then decorated it with shiny bits and thought about how Gods name is described as majestic, and what that means.

We then came together in the celebration time and sang a song together.  We talked about how we can tell someone they are great and that David in the bible wrote songs.  Our story this week was psalm 8 and we read it aloud and did actions like waving our arms, twinkling our fingers like stars and animal actions.  We used these actions in our prayer too.

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