for todays session you will need…

A watch/clock/timer

A piece of paper, pipe cleaner, stick and straw for each person and a hole punch, a pencil, a small piece of blu-tac and some sticky tape.


Thank you God that you are always with us.  Help us today as we come together to spend time with you.



One person is the timekeeper.

Everyone else stands up so they can’t see a clock or watch.  They have to sit down when they think 30 seconds is up.  The timer keeps a note of who is closest.

Today we are going to look at a story where the disciples had to wait for what Jesus had promises them.  As you watch the story think about how they might have felt waiting, but not knowing what they were waiting for.







Light a candle

Watch the flames and talk to God, ask the Holy Spirit to help you do the things God wants.


Make a kite

As you fly it think about Gods power


learn some languages

look up how to say hello in different languages

this website tells you how to say ‘Jesus loves you’ in lots of different languages

think about how amazing it would have been that everyone understood when Peter spoke