Messy Church January 2023

January 2023 Messy Church

Hidden Treasure: What’s worth more than anything to you?

This month’s Messy Church was based on the stories of the pearl of great price. WE did lots of decorating using shiny things we decorated boxes to put things that are important to us in and decorated pictures of chests to remember how special we are to God. Oyster biscuits-complete with pearl helped us think about whether we had ever found anything precious, whilst finding treasure on a treasure map, helped us remember that it’s not always easy to find something special. We had a ping pong challenge using straws and ping pong balls to help us see what we felt like when we achieved something. Our final activity was completing the last panel of a large picture which is up in the North Room-reminding all who use it of the stories of Jesus. Sharing a meal of meat balls, pasta and vegetables followed by gateau, ended the day.

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