Messy Church Dec 2022

December 2022 Messy Church

We were there-are you?

Jesus birth meant different things to different people. During this Messy Church, we thought about some of those people and what Christmas meant to them and what it means to us. There were opportunities to make head dresses for the final nativity, to practice tracking skills to plot Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem, to think about how hard it was and the difficulties they would have faced on the way. We thought about the angels and the role they played in the story as we made angels from lolly sticks etc for our hanging in the church. We thought about the sheep as we made cakes in the shape of sheep and experimented with moving a coin from a pile without it falling down-seeing is believing.We made Christmas tree decorations which reminded us that Jesus is the reason for Christmas. In our story at the end, we all joined in the Nativity story.

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