Welcome to Messy Church at home!  As we can’t physically meet together we have put together a collection of videos and activities that you can do as a family at home.  Here are some things you will need before you start, get them together and then work your way down the page.


stopwatch or timer

pens and paper


This months theme is Faithful Sheep.

We will be exploring what makes someone a follower of God.

We started our worship with a video live on Facebook, you will find it here.  Please add any pictures or videos of your family joining in Messy Church to the Facebook group.


There are links to some sheepy crafts you can make at the bottom of the page.


Let’s start with a prayer

Say together

Dear God

Thank you that we can still celebrate together as Messy Church.  Be with us as we learn and experience more of you today.  Please show us new things about you.  Please be with our friends who we can’t see and keep them safe.




Quick fire questions

For this game one person needs to ask the questions and one person needs to answer as quickly as the can without thinking too much.  Set a timer and see who in your family can answer the most questions in 15 seconds.

Choose which questions to use, if there are more that 4 of you use the same ones twice.



Hope you enjoyed the game.  Who answered the most?  Did any of you answer all the questions?

Did you notice there was one question the same in each list?

Sheep or Goats, we’re going to have a look today and see whether God wants us to be like a Sheep or a Goat.



Time for a story.

Jesus told this story, you can find this in the Bible in Matthew 25:31-40


Sheep or Goat


Which of these actions belong to the sheep and which ones belong to the Goats?  Answers here

Feed the Hungry

Give water to the thirsty

Visit prisoners

Too busy to help others

Be nice to strangers

Thinks only of themself

Help the sick and needy

Spend all your money on yourself

Turn strangers away

Do you think Jesus wants us to be a sheep or a Goat?

Jesus is telling us what he wants his followers to behave like.  Is it always easy to be sheeplike?


What can you do that is sheeplike this week?

Decorate your window for people to see on their walk?

Make a card or video and send it to somebody you know to cheer them up?

Tell some jokes to make people laugh?

Can you think of any other ideas?



Dear heavenly Father,

As we think of Messy Church members today, we want to say thank you!  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your Grace.  Thank you for your leadership.  Thank you for your forgiveness of our shortcomings.  And, Lord Thank you for including us in your flock.  Help us to do the best we can day to day to please you, our Glorious Father!


(Taken from Get Messy Magazine)


Now lets finish with a song!

I just wanna be a sheep  BAA, BAA, BAA


Sheep and Goat Mask

Think about the difference between sheep and Goats.

Junk moddeling

Can you create something to do with sheep or goats with things that are normally thrown away?

Think about how God wants us to look after the planet, it’s good to reuse and recycle things

Simple Origami Sheep

Advanced Origami Goat

It would be difficult to do the origami if there were no instructions.  Think about ways it helps others when we share how to do things.

Lots of Sheepy crafts

Think about how we can help others.

Sheep and Goats colouring