May Messy Church

Our Worldwide Family

Messy church in May was entitled God’s Worldwide family and we used a Christian Aid resource to help us explore how people live differently around the world.  We decided to change up the format a bit and have the activities first followed by the celebration, where we gather together and have a song, story, short talk and prayer.  This worked well as there was a bit more time to complete the activities and everyone go to take part in the celebration.  We had a variety of activities where we thought about something different at each one.

  • There were cut-outs of people to dress up in different cultural outfits.  We then looked at a map to see where they lived and where we lived and the ways we are connected.  Then we thought about how we are the same but we live differently.
  • We thought about how some people don’t have safe places to live and learn.  We tried making waterproof rooves for cardboard boxes and then tested them with a watering can.  Some attempts were mote successful than others.
  • There was the chance to make yourself into a superhero, everyone had their photo taken and they could then stick their face onto the body of a superhero.  We thought about the things we might like to change in the world.
  • Everybody we know has a toilet in their home, with toilet roll and a place to wash themselves.  We thought about how blessed we are to have this as not everyone around the world does.  We made use of our used toilet rolls by making them into animals.
  • As always there was a food based activity, this time we tried foods from around the world and thought what it would be like to only have one of these things once a day as some people do.  We had brown rice, plantain, sweet potato, flatbreads and special thanks to Louise for making us some dahl and Salome for making us some ugali.
  • Small flags were scattered around the North room for the children to find and collect in some specially made passports.  We thought about how we are part of God’s family all around the world.
  • We made scales from a coat hanger and some paper cups and thought how we can share fairly.

The celebration time started with a song as we gathered together.  We then tales about some of the activities we took part in. We showed a video from the Christian aid global explores website which is full of information on how Christian aid have helped people around the world.  Take a look at

We the used the scales we had mad to talk about how sometimes things look fair but the scales are sometimes weighted in someone’s favour.  We rounded up with sharing the things we wanted to change and praying for them.

To finish we all sat down to a delicious lasagne cooked by Gareth and the Jelly and ice cream made by Linda went down very well too.

Thank you to everyone who helped this time. If you have never been to Messy Church please come along to see what its all about.  The next one will be on 22nd June and we will be exploring Prayer.

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