March 2023 Messy Church

March 2023 Messy Church

Heavenly Hope : How can we live in God’s way?

We explored this through looking at pictures of our feelings hidden throughout the building, making a flower with a lolly at the centre-the idea was to think of others (the plan being to give the flower away-but it’s possible that that didn’t happen!). We thought how Jesus is the light of the world and how we could share that light-by making bees from plastic Easter eggs with lamps in-see the picture-they were amazing.
We thought of how, by looking after bugs, we are caring for God’s creation-and made some lovely bug hotels. God makes a difference as to how we live our lives-in the same way a small piece of chives can change the taste of something, and God helps new plants grow-so we tasted and planted chives. We thought about how special words can make someone feel happy, by writing a word on a heart shape and decorating it to give to someone and then there was a selection of toys on the rug- duplo, cars etc-so the children could play with them and think what makes them happiest.

We concluded that section of Messy Church with a story where we thought about the Beatitudes and that being blessed didn’t mean that you had to be good at everything, as everyone is blessed. You don’t have to be best, but you do need to try your best. We are extremely grateful to Rosie and Steve who cooked our meal: wonderful chilli or tuna or cheese with jacket potatoes and salad, followed by fruit, meringue and cream. A lovely Messy Church, enjoyed by all and especial thanks to all of the helpers

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