Miracles of Jesus  – Jesus walks on water




God, we come together as your family.  Thank you that we can grow together in you, in this place.





Game and thinking about







Floating prayers

Cut out shapes from paper (flowers or stars work well)and write on them things you would like to pray for.  Fold the petals in and place them on water.  while you watch them open up ask God to answer your prayer.


Re tell the story

Each person tries to retell the bible story.  This may sound easy but to make it more difficult you are not allowed to use any of the following words.

  • Boat
  • Water
  • Jesus
  • Walked

Have a buzzer or squeaky toy that you can use if someone uses one of the above words.

Float or sink

Collect things from around the house and experiment to find what things float and sink.  Use a washing up bowl or Is there a way you can make the things that sink float.


Colouring pages