Miracles of Jesus – Feeding 5000


The prayer this week is a little different.  One person reads the text and everyone responds with the text in bold.  You could have a different person read each line or one person read and everyone joins in the response.


Lord God,  you want us to be with you,
thank you for inviting us.
Lord God, you chose each one of us to be your friend,
thank you for inviting us.
Lord, God we love being with you,
thank you for inviting us.








Before Jesus shared the food he gave thanks for it. Jesus set us an example so this week can you thank God before you eat, just like we do at Messy Church.

Here is a sheet you could colour with an idea of what to say.  Or you could make your own.  You could display them near where you eat dinner to remind you to thank God every day. If you have a laminator at home you could laminate them and use them as placemats.





Picnic at home/ fish finger sandwiches

Have a indoor picnic, or garden picnic.  Or have fish finger sandwiches and talk about how the boy in the story shared the little he had.




shape some playdough into small fish shapes.  Push a paper clip into the fish and use a magnet on a string to try and catch them. You could also use paper fish.



Looking for food

Cut out shapes of bread and fish from paper and hide them around the house and see who can find the most.


Decorating fish

Cut out fish shapes from some card, an old cereal box would be great. Cover the fish in tinfoil and decorate it with markers.  You could make a few and create a mobile.

See here for instructions