Good Work is a charity which has employed chaplains in work places, such as Great Yarmouth Port, the Coroners Court, a big laundry company and many others for a number of years.

Last year, for a variety of reasons the charity decided not to employ or engage chaplains for this work directly any more and these activities are now met in other ways.

Good Work is  now looking at their future and considering how and where they might further the cause of chaplaincy in Norfolk and Waveney.  There are very many chaplains

of all kinds, denominations and faiths meeting a growing need for support and comfort to people in the workplace. Even before COVID 19 the world of work has become more and more stressful and demanding and chaplains are a significant resource to help offset this.

The trustees are aware that there is not one body which offers support training and mentoring to all and any chaplain in our area and they might be able to provide one. Also there is a real possibility (as is now happening in Cambridgeshire) to seek out and support volunteer chaplains and give them training.

The charity will need some limited resources to fund such a concept and would be most grateful for any funds.


For further information about this charity and how to donate other than through Ipswich Road URC, please visit their website: