Miracles of Jesus – Jesus heals


For todays session you will need a bag, an empty PE bag or a pillowcase will work.  some scrap paper and some scissors.



Dear God,

Thank you that you love and care for us, please be with us today as we spend time with you.



Find some random items from around the house.  Maybe get each person in your family to choose one item, without showing it to anyone else.

One item at a time, hide them in a bag big enough for people to get their hands in without seeing the object.

Take it in turns to guess what is in the bag, you can only touch it, you can’t look.



We are thinking about two people today, A lady and a little girl


Think about



The next video is a song that you can put on and listen to.  It’s a quieter song so you may like to lay down and listen to it.  While you’re doing this talk to God.  You can ask him anything or just tell him how your feeling.



Can you fit through the paper

Instructions here



decoder puzzle to print


Plant some seeds

talk about what they need to grow.  We know that they need water and light to grow.  What do we need to help our faith grow?  When you water them remember to talk to God and read the bible.


memory verse

Print and colour and decorate the memory verse for today.